Proposal for Boys and Girls Club Site

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Education

What is the project your proposing?

I would like to propose a website for the Boys & Girls Club of Snyder Texas.  We could have a link that could tell more about what goes on at the club and about the facilities.   I would like to have links to news and activities that go on at the club. Childhood obesity is a big problem in america. I would like to include links to website the parents could go to look up activities they can do with their children when they are home.  I also would like to include a place where they can sign up for a membership online.  The club is responsable for   of the local youth sports that are in Snyder.  It would be convenient for the parents if they could sign up their child for a particular sport online.  Instead of them having to go to the club and sign them up in person.   We could also have a place on the site where you can sign up to be a volunteer. Having this website would be very convenient for both the parent and child.

What kind of research does it require?

The research that would be done wouldn’t be hard.  My father is on the board and can give me all the information we need to complete this project.

What kind of teammate do you prefer?

The teammate I am looking for should be very diligent and prompt in thier work, which I have no doubt that everyone already is.  Someone who loves kids and cares about their future health.

How confident are you that it will be a good project?

I am very confident that this will be a good project.  With the experience we already have at designing pages this should be fun and also a good learning experience for our childrens future.

Why should your classmates choose to work on your project?

Like I said in my proposal, chilhood obesity is plauging our nation and we need to do something about it.  Parents could use this site to find out activities and games to play with their children at home.

  1. Liam says:

    Virtualizing a social connection for local nonprofits is a great way to attract and recruit volunteers and donors. is a great place to learn more about nonprofit and the web. Many national organizations have teams to assist and branding standards to meet. This organization is one the best known and does great things for our kids in America. Stellar project to undertake.

    Be the Greatest,

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